The Aghori Sadhu


The Aghori, hermit of Bhairava, is an absolute monist. He understands that opposition is the illusion. Hence, he embraces pollution through various and profound tamasic practices to induce the trance of the realization of non-duality (Advaita). And transcending taboos, he observes the phantasms of categories. He reasons, correctly, that Siva is perfect and is everything. To deny the perfection of anything, therefore, is to deny the perfection of God, which is absurd.

The Aghori embodies Bhairava. With the skull cup, he begs. He wears the shroud of a corpse, if he is dressed at all. He covers himself in cremation-ashes and his hair grows matted. When the aghori uses a corpse for meditation and for sustenance, he identifies the corpse with his own body and, transcending this, becomes one with the only Self, Siva.

The three-prongs of his trident are the three pillars the universe: Will, Knowledge, and Action. The staff of the trident is the spinal cord, along which flows the sushumna nadi, up which ascends the serpent kundalini, bringing the aghori to Liberation.

The Aghori strives not for notoriety. There is no institution. There is no servant. There is no master. He is free.



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